by Christabel Stewart .

Pleasure Gardens

Our new project 'Transmissions' has announced its upcoming coverage will be of Cerith Wyn Evans excellent 'Eaux d'Artifice (After K.A.)' which happened every Sunday in July (that's five Sundays), in the oasis that is the London Barbican's Conservatory. I'm sad to say that I couldn't personally attend the majority of them. My task of finding somone to capture events in my absence went awry just before I went away (for most of the Sundays in July), and the rest of SHOWstudio were thrown too far into the chaos of 'Bring and Buy' to rescue my efforts.

Nonetheless I had a great experience turning up for the most quiet and contemplative of the events this Sunday past (31st July) with the help of much-treasured art director and film-maker Marcus Werner Hed. There wasn't really any performance to speak of in the hours we were present: this Sunday had been billed as silent. Rather, powerful telescopes had been placed in strategic points around the foliage-rich corners of the huge glass room, pointing their lenses outwards towards looking possibilities carefully chosen by Cerith for some London EC2 voyeurism (and beyond). Helped along by headphones which played a soundtrack to your viewing, the addition of which suggested something filmic. Marcus (pictured, in the plants) took to the task of creating his version of events on film, inspiringly undaunted by being faced with capturing footage for 'Transmissions' that proposed the least amount of obvious 'performative' ingredients of the whole month.

Go to the experts, Artforum, for a lively written description of being at one of the other performances by one of their London correspondents, Martin Herbert, whilst we wait in anticipation to post Marcus' film just as soon as he is happy with it. We have also been promised more footage -both still and motion- from Cerith's and the Barbican's own documentation, once he has had a chance to look over it all. I will post this with some text that I hope encapsulates Cerith's erudite descriptions of making this project happen and being at the centre of it, which is where anyone who has met him always wants him to be.