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11:00 - 21:00 on December 15 2018 GMT

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Preparation are well underway for today's LiveStudio

The model is here, the hair and make-up teams are beavering away and Atsuko is preening and prepping her latex. We'll be live in less that two hours - so head over to our stream page to start submitting your questions to Atsuko. Don't miss this exclusive masterclass in dressing for pleasure, from the woman who has dressed the likes of Gaga, Beyonce and Grace Jones.

Selling Sex: Atsuko Kudo - live from 11:00 BST.

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  1. Antoon
    01:32 9 Jan 2013
    i've always thuogh latex/leathers/anything liquidly and shiny work great in fashion, and you cant pass a year without their being a really cool photoshoop involving fetish/goth/dark/outcast vibe. to see ones with a smarter edge would certainly be interesting. so i say bring out this trend for summer (only toned down a tad)