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by Neal Bryant .

rAndom International: Future Self
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Future Self is a new installation by london-based collection rAndom International that maps and replicates human movement. The project, presented in the above video, involved two dancers interacting with each other and a large LED based structure as part of a dance performance coordinated by choreographer Wayne McGregor and composer Max Richter.

As the dancers moved around the installation, 3D cameras (Kinects) recorded the shapes made by their bodies and replayed them on a brass grid of over 10,000 LED lights. Rather than mirroring the dancers, the installation re-interrupts the movements into a beautiful digital form that resembles its own form of communication, as if the LEDs are communicating with the dancers and vice-versa.

The wonderful performance marked the opening of the installation, which is currently located in the MADE exhibition space in Berlin and will be showing until 2nd June.

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  1. Mkoma
    10:52 24 Nov 2012
    Dear Erica,To post dances video are in your web are a such great idea slicealpy those video are demonstrate from ORIGINAL CHOREOGRAPHER, please do post the video in your web instead of follow to other website not everyone has those social website .Suggestion: after dances been taught please play at least 4 consecutive weeks in order for dancers to be remember the steps, most of dances (almost 40-50%) that you taught either you don't play after 2nd week or you killed them, what a pity. some of them are good dances.