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'RAPE' - A film by Joe Lally

SHOWstudio are proud to bring you another film and gallery of still images by Joseph Lally. For his next cinematic venture, Lally presents the poignantly titled 'RAPE' featuring Hannelore Knuts.

Surficially the film obeys the expected associations of rape in focusing on the relationship of a man and woman. However, the prevalent male gaze quite quickly takes us away from the alluring, romantic black and white shots of the woman - played flawlessly by Knuts - and onto a much more surreal, unnerving yet still absorbing journey. 

The viewer becomes a potential participator or indeed victim as Lally employs a number of cinematic techniques such as the distortion of faces and flashing colour, which in combination with 'kill me' being repeatedly whispered and a modern Godard-esque use of film title sparadically appearing, leaves you with quite a potent visual experience. 

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