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Scene Five, Revenge

'Revenge', the fifth shot of Agent Provocateur's 'White Wedding' advertising campaign by Nick Knight

The penultimate campaign image features no trace of the bride's original wedding garb as the finally takes control of her destiny...and the popes. Kate smoulders in the accompanying movie, as the series takes a Lynchian, erotic direction.


  1. la
    15:11 7 May 2008
    is it david lynch or quentin tarantino ...? maybe its just the soundtrack...
  2. Sandrine
    15:50 7 May 2008
    Definitely Lynch but it's certainly the soundtrack that makes it so. If it were Tarantino, she'd be dancing to Kid Creole and the Coconuts or something equally knowing.
  3. KaWai
    21:03 7 May 2008
    I think there's a natural progression for Kate Moss to do some small role in a small independent film.
  4. oldartlecturer
    22:04 7 May 2008
    'new visual territory' avin' a laugh?
  5. bamia
    11:59 8 May 2008
    I know!!! what are they like?! I mean, get a grip, people. the experience of reading these dreary comments is akin to watching someone flatline in a hospital bed.