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Scene Three, Bad News

'Bad News', the third shot from Agent Provocateur's 'White Wedding' advertising campaign by Nick Knight

Enter stage left and right - the screaming popes! Jake and Dinos step up to their Bacon-esque roles as the clerics appointed to conduct the service. An extraordinary film sequence marking the arrival of some bad news and the bride's change or heart is projected onto ice, sparking a cataclysmic conclusion.


  1. la
    21:41 4 May 2008
    beautiful the ice and milk(?) moment is oscar winning!
  2. bamia
    03:24 5 May 2008
    yeah there was something really nice about the ice scenes. i liked it a lot. i think it would make a really good opening credits sequence to a sex thriller
  3. bamia
    03:26 5 May 2008
    have u seen the opening sequence to basic instinct, la? it's like a fragmented mirror with the reflections of two bodies writhing in it - but also like the ocean, kind of reminded me of this.
  4. delarosa
    10:59 5 May 2008
    sorry, but i felt heavyli bored by kate moss (i used to be a huge fan)...exept for the black girls, they really made sense
  5. marian
    14:06 5 May 2008
    delarosa, cant you just get into the story?
  6. GalileosUniverse
    14:37 5 May 2008
    sorry to ask ... but I find the following very ambiguous : 'exept for the black girls, they really made sense' ... what do you mean by that , why do the black girls make sense and Kate Moss doesn't ?
    Could you elaborate on that in order to be able to understand the point you are trying to make ?
  7. delarosa
    15:49 5 May 2008
    hello outthere! it seems i have to explain...
    the black girls made sense to me because of the contrast they made to the theme "white wedding", simple as that (i thougt that was quite obvious)
    and don't feel offended! everybody has the right to his own opinion! and in my opinion kate moss is getting boring, because she is so fixed in her celebrity-blonde image...
  8. GalileosUniverse
    16:11 5 May 2008
    I see ' white wedding' ! uhmm? ... no it wasn't 'quite ovious ' I'm afraid, anyway I cannot imagine anyone feeling offended by such a logic ... and you're absolutely entitled to your own opinion, naturally, of disapproving about Kate Moss' and her ' getting boring, because she is so fixed in her celebrity-blonde image ' ... and I don't really think that Kate is loosing any sleep either because of that ! ... LOL! ... so that leaves everyone happy :):)
  9. delarosa
    16:28 5 May 2008
    hey galileo
    are you some kind of a bigbrother of or what? why do you have to comment every entry? explain yourself pleaze!
  10. KaWai
    21:10 5 May 2008
    This I found on the NY magazine.
    Kate Moss's New Lingerie Ads Are Fraught With Politics
  11. KaWai
    21:22 5 May 2008
    For some reasons, whenever people collaborate with Kate Moss the projects often somehow become overly complicated intellectually, or over thinking on the concept or something, or people like to analyze it to the point of silliness. I guess that's the chemistry effect of the Kate Moss persona on people. It's only trying to sell bras and panties people!
  12. GalileosUniverse
    07:46 6 May 2008
    hahhaha...I must 'confess', ( I hope no one feels offended by the use of such a word ... lol!) ... but I'm rather fascinated by people's and the utterly opportunistic press' fascination with Kate Moss when it comes to the code of 'morals' , mind you if we were allowed to scrutinise everyone's life who knows what kind of genetically manipulated monsters we would find hidden between their curtains ! ... but that's life we must suppose ! ...
    Anyhow ... this bit is rather 'interesting' .... and I quote:
    ' Yes, lingerie ads are such a great vehicles to deliver these kinds of messages to the public. If only we'd realized it sooner we'd totally be vlogging in our undies instead of blogging. Man, are we passe.'
    Related: Kate Moss Stars in A Weird New Internet Lingerie Movie
    Hhahah... how condescending can that quote be... yes the public is totally brainless and just give them candy and lets treat them like children because they cannot think ... isn't that what marketing gurus are suppose to be thinking about us the buying utterly stupid public ?
    And then this: 'Related: Kate Moss Stars in A Weird New Internet Lingerie Movie' ...... this really does it! .... I suppose we must assume that whoever 'invented' this line must be really intellectually developed to the highest point that that is the luminous reason why he or she has been rewarded with the privilege to write and ' inform' us the illiterate public ! and mind you we are talking about the so called liberal New York Time's blog !
    .. now can you really imagine what a right wing paper would write about the subject! .... we better rush and hide Kate quickly in the basement ... before they too pass judgement ! ... lol!
  13. GalileosUniverse
    08:07 6 May 2008
    PS>. correction no is not the New York Times' blog ! that explains it then !
  14. GalileosUniverse
    13:50 6 May 2008
    A really funny thought :) ... I do enjoy humour .... lol .. .... sorry to have to disappoint anyone this time ... I pass :)