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#ScreenTests featuring A$AP Rocky now live!

Inspired by Andy Warhol's iconic Screen Tests, SHOWstudio launches a new film by filmmaker Jake Davis and art director Matthew Williams in collaboration with New York based electric rapper A$AP Rocky (a.k.a Rakim Mayers). Styled by Simonez Wolf, the piece draws particularly from Warhol's short of Lou Reed drinking Coca-Cola - offering a reworking of Factory style aesthetics and cinematography for the current age. The deliberately under-whelming snapshot of celebrity is an amusing and relevant message for our fame-obsessed, ever-consuming culture. Davis' comments, 'I've always been interested in what makes an icon. Superstars can do pretty much anything in front of the camera and we stay intrigued.' Watch the film here!

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  1. sol
    04:45 6 Apr 2012
    jake's tests beautiful as ever. may we have a track title for this one?