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Selling Sex: Phoebe English and Leah Debrincat starts today, Wednesday 6 June

Phoebe English and her design team are currently setting up at SHOWstudio headquarters, all ready for the start of Frenetic Flesh, our two day long LiveStudio. Marking the end of our Selling Sex season, English teams with belly dancer and sword performer, Leah Debrincat in a dynamic celebration of the interplay between fashion, fetish and dance. This Livestudio also allows viewers to take part in the fashionable fetish happenings by posing questions straight to English and Debrincat. The question panel is open now so get asking! Tune in today, Wednesday 6 June, and tomorrow, Thursday 7 June, at 9:00 BST to see Pheobe in action as the creative process takes off, and be sure to watch out at the end of each day for Debrincat's dance performances.

Frenetic Flesh live from 9:00 BST.

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  1. Bernie
    05:54 17 Jul 2012
    I remember being at the night mkraet with Becky being the first time I was really moved and began to really love Thai people. Part of it was Becky's compassion and love for the beggars in the mkraet, part of it was me beginning to pick up on God's heart for them. I would encourage you to go to the night mkraet every week, begin building relationships with vendors and beggars. You may spend a long time calling them the video guy or the potato lady, but you can build some important relationships there. Say hi to Ann (jewelry lady that was my Thai language teacher) if you meet her!