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'Seven Veils' perfume by Byredo

As part of our Fashion Fetish-themed Tumblr curation by Rei Nadal, we will despatch a box (or two) each day filled with fashion items, cosmetics and curios Nadal can elect or reject for inclusion in her self-portraits. Today, amongst finery from Lanvin and Erickson Beamon baubles, she received the 'Seven Veils' fragrance by Byredo. Devised by Byredo founder Ben Gorham, the scent is based on Salome’s dance of the seven veils, a story of many layers. A spicy, oriental composition, 'Seven Veils' is built around top notes of carrot and pimento berries; a heart of Tahitian vanilla flower, laurier rose, glycine and tiger orchid and a sandalwood and vanilla base. In Gorham's own words: 'With seven veils you dance, swirling swirling swirling.'

Seven Veils is available at Liberty, £88/50ml