Live Now ALYX - Spring / Summer 2019 Panel Discussion

11:00 - 12:15 on June 25 2018 BST

by Alexander Fury . at The International Film Festival Rotterdam

Daar kijkers! That means 'hello viewers' in Dutch (at least according to a trusty Google translation engine) as I am currently in Rotterdam as part of the 40th International Film Festival for Out of Fashion, the fashion and film portion of the festival which examines the increasing interaction between independent filmmakers and fashion houses large and small. Alongside the film screenings are a series of talks titled 'The Perfect Cut', devised by Premsela, the Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, and a variety of screenings and lectures from fashion and film creatives, including director Dino Dinco of You Wear It Well, artist Zach Gold and esteemed Art Director Marc Ascoli, who has collaborated with designers Yohji Yamamoto and Martine Sitbon of Rue du Mail. Tonight, it is my turn to lecture - on the history of fashion film and as a broadcasting platform, no less. I'm dotting my t's and crossing my i's (or something to that extent) in my hotel room at the moment, and will be lecturing at De Unie in Rotterdam this evening from 20:00-21:00 CET.


  1. Bob
    13:38 4 Feb 2011
    Haha, "daar" means there, not hello. Anyway, welcome to the Netherlands!
  2. ChrisSummerfield
    11:31 15 Feb 2011
    Sounds good I will check it out