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Showtime on SHOWstudio!

Shot between takes on an editorial for British Vogue (due to hit newsstands next week) Nick Knight’s latest film for SHOWstudio is a frank homage to out-and-out glamour. Starring Victoria Beckham (who else?) as glittering starlet incarnate, Showtime is a old-fashioned take on a quintessentially 21st century icon. The film takes a playfully traditional look at this business of fashion: hence, glitter, gloss, frills, flounces and fifties femininity are the order of the day, with Mrs Beckham beribboned, bowed and posed ever- ready for her SHOWstudio audience.


  1. nickknight
    16:08 9 Mar 2008
    It's funny we posted this film here on Friday morning,and I just checked on Youtube already it has had over 250,000 views and approx 200 comments. That is more than the total circulation of Vogue for the entire month! It makes me very excited about the future of fashion especially Fashion Film . If I regard broadly what I do as communication I can't see any reason to communicate with fewer people ,and my feeling is increasingly that `Fashion Film' is better at expressing fashion than photography and creatively opens up more exciting possibilities.
  2. KarlFuler
    22:37 9 Mar 2008
    Sounds like you are really expressing lots of fashion at its best Knick. How exciting! Next time you could could use Paris Hilton - you might then get a bigger viewing than the entire circulation of Heat magazine. what a cultural triumph that would be!
  3. GalileosUniverse
    00:08 10 Mar 2008 archives/2005_02_05.html
    Yes indeed ! .... Fashion Film does make Fashion more fun and alive to totally enjoy it !... after all fashion film is , as I see it ,is a kind of ' light entertainment ' to a point .... and nothing is more powerful than film as a medium to catch people's imagination ... no one can argue against that ... but whether be it Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham as the chosen stars by VOGUE self to appear in the film as high priestess to perform, translate and to recreate the magic of glamour and its mystery like true icons did in the past with the likes of Veronica Lake , Marilyn Monroe , Bianca Jagger or Jerry Hall to mention few who have done it successfully, that is a totally different story !!! .... but hey the world cannot be perfect when perfection is not around in the matters of genuine glamourous goddesses !
    I'm not at all surprised about the 250.000 views already .... that very imaginative tinsel set , the music and the whole atmosphere created around the ' story' was simply a fantastic job giving it a kind of genuine feeling about GLAMOUR for today's audiences !
  4. nickknight
    00:19 10 Mar 2008
    I see your point Karl.However I was not claiming any vast cultural significance for the film ,merely that the vast numbers of people that saw it make me feel that with film there is a new and dynamic way of showing fashion that feels contemporary and exciting. Forgive me if I seemed to be equating numbers and therefore an implied quality to the piece.It just feels that if I produce work I want it to be seen by many people ,I guess that is a normal position for anyone in my position.
    Incidentally you would be surprised how close your suggestion came to being a reality!
  5. ChrisSummerfield
    16:23 10 Mar 2008
    I will look forward to check it out and add a link on youtube, congratulations.
  6. Melly
    02:30 12 Mar 2008
    The Paris Hilton suggestion is absoloutely ridicilous, and i am glad it never got realized!!She has NO buisness being on the cover of any fashion magazine let alone Vogue!
    Mrs.Beckham on the other hand is a delightful sight to see on the cover of British Vogue,if Alexandra had any balls she would have put her years ago.Beckham is the proof that you can achieve your dreams(read: fame) against all odds and stay relevant without going out sans underwear or releasing sex tapes and going to rehab every year.
    And the woman can pull off even the most outrages clothes out there, always having fun with fashion.
    The reaction and all attention about the video and cover is of no surprise, i have seen it even on Germam and Spanish Tv's.And unlike with Hilton its the kind of reaction one would desire.
    I have to say the video is stunning, Beckham looks and poses very well for a celebrity, i hope she was not unpleasant to work with.
    The cover is one of the best celeb covers i have ever seen and the spread is very well done.Mr.Knight you captured Beckhams unique beauty very well.I have to be honest: i thought i will hate it all, since i am not your biggest fan(some of the Kate Moss covers you have done for UK Vogue are imo the most generic cover images i have ever seen), but it seems this collabo worked out well.
    I wonder how many copes this will sell, because i alredy had hard time finding it on newstands today, the man said; "its selling like cup cakes"!
  7. GalileosUniverse
    15:16 12 Mar 2008
    .... there is gold .... and there is ..... golden.... :):)
  8. nickknight
    15:51 12 Mar 2008
    Melly, I should just clear up the Paris Hilton comment.She was not suggested for the cover of Vogue but for as a subject for an advertising campaign for a fashion house.
    However in my eyes people are people ,we all have beauty and my feelings are that we should all be on the cover of Vogue.
    Glad to hear you didn't hate the picures.
  9. Melly
    20:21 12 Mar 2008
    Oh ok thanks for the heads up and you know i love what you said, sadly reality is a bit different imo.
  10. kombizz
    14:16 13 Mar 2008
    this is more than gold
    I reckon it is beyond our time.
  11. KaWai
    01:58 14 Mar 2008