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Simon's sportwear

By contrast with Simon Foxton's professed sportswear psychedelia, our model Jason's first look is an exercise in monochrome - intarsia vest, zebra leggings and trainers left purposefully unfastened for good measure. Here he is taking a breather in our rather intense all-red dressing room backstage at Somerset House before strutting his sartorial stuff in our LiveStudio.

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  1. someonegreat
    09:14 4 Nov 2009
    one of the things i love most about Simon's work is how utterly effortless and natural he makes everything look, even when he's playing with elements that would overwhelm many lesser talents. The outfit above is a great example - if one detail was out, if it was on the wrong boy, if the laces WERE fastened, the whole balance would be different, and probably weaker for it. It's alway a pleasure to see his work on SHOWstudio.