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Model sitting for SKIN project

Skin is an undertaking by the company &Son, the creative consultancy run by stylists Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths; a commercial project that rethinks traditional advertising using motion image. Ten models from a range of mixed ethnic backgrounds -five male and five female- are filmed wearing pieces from adidas’s new ‘Materials of the World’ line, a collection influenced by the indigenous fabrics of different world cultures. Over a period of ten days beginning on May 10, the living portraits will be also be displayed in the windows of a Curtain Road shop front in London’s Shoreditch where the attention of passers by will be tested to register that it is film and not stills that they are seeing. In this sense, Skin is a subtle development out of Simon Foxton's previous Sittings: Thirty Men project of 2005, and a handsome addition to SHOWstudio's ongoing study of living fashion portraiture.


  1. brasscupcake
    19:04 4 May 2007
    Love this one. Sorry I never got to interview Simon in Hyeres. All the best,
  2. marian
    09:59 5 May 2007
    this is what Britain is today,beautiful and multi cultural.
    Well done Simon Foxton for a gentle but very powerfull piece of work.Mesmerising and thought provoking,I wish there was more fashion around that was as inspiring as this is.
  3. PhantomMana
    17:34 5 May 2007
    Great project!
  4. JoshBaker
    03:32 6 May 2007
    No index.html. Request returned an index. Also content is not loading. Just letting you know =P
    I like the videos.
  5. nickknight
    10:55 6 May 2007
    You're a very clever man Mr Foxton,pity you're not running the country.
  6. GalileosUniverse
    13:52 6 May 2007
    '...clean....austere...balanced....harmonius... tuned to the point of humbled perfection.....' unimaginable beauty....
  7. SergeySedykh
    09:19 8 May 2007
    These portraits are a really inspiring work indeed
  8. Lexi
    14:54 9 May 2007
    it was an honour to be part of this project and i think the results are amazing! tried to find it up on curtain road! but i sadly could not find it! x