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The Crown by Stephen Jones

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As our final film in this week's Fashion Body programming, we turn to millinery maestro Stephen Jones for his view, quite naturally, of the crown. And what better marriage could their be than millinery and phrenology, so inextricably intertwined are the two? Rather than looking back to this eighteenth-century pseudoscience in earnest, Jones takes a lighthearted approach for our Fashion Body, and offers a phrenology of his career, plucking hats from the eighties, nineties and noughties to illustrate each of the twenty-seven 'brain organs' thought to make up the human personality. However, you won't have much luck feeling the skull through the witty and fantastical flurries of feathers, silk and millinery straw that have become Jones' lasting trademark.


  1. GOnonDor
    13:49 6 Aug 2010
    the hats or crowns in this video are quite inspirational. some are awkward while other fit perfectly. The different crowns does well to express the various attitudes of the brain.
  2. la
    14:03 7 Aug 2010
    He is such an amazing talent. He deserves the crown!