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The Right Knee by Noki

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The right knee by Noki closes the first instalment of our Fashion Body programming, timed to end just as our coverage of the S/S 2011 catwalk shows begins.

We finish this first leg on a slightly sinister and unsettling note - not what you would immediately expect of the knee, but very much in tune with Noki's dark and dangerous aesthetic. His trademark cut-out facial masks - always sported by the man himself - are there, this time sliced and diced over the knee in styles reminiscent of eighties teenagers slashing their jeans to ape poverty. But this is no prosaic frayed denim number: a selection of disfigured, cartoonish motifs culled and reworked from popular culture stare malevolently from the knee-cap itself, rendered as canvas for Noki's anti-fashion film experiments.

The second instalment of films and essays themed around The Fashion Body will begin on 11 October 2010.


  1. 1uke
    13:57 20 Sep 2010
    Shot and edited to menacing perfection in the Noki slaughter house. Couturing the throat of film now as well as ready-to-wear!
  2. zeroh
    12:13 21 Sep 2010
    There are numerous NOKI films on line if you look around...