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The roundup reports begin!

Every day this week we will be launching an exclusive roundup of all the action from each of the four fashion cities. The roundups will include a report penned by the wonderful Camilla Morton and an exclusive playlist curated by our reporters in the field featuring all the best music from the S/S 2013 shows. Today we kick of with New York and a wonderful mix by Indigo Clarke comprised of everything from Grimes (Victoria Beckham) to The Cure (Rodarte).

'New York is where the fashion circus begins its seasonal ‘journey’. Here’s the city where the week starts with empty order books, and the big names and business-minded brands of fashion hope to dominate. New York might be known for its billboards and power people, but it is also home to some of the most important mavericks that survive in fashion,' writes Morton. Get the full low-down in our NY roundup now.

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  1. Ekaterina
    10:21 10 Oct 2012
    lovely animation of illustrations, Rai Nadal is amazing love this!