by Penny Martin .

The Sound of Talc

Each of the garments have now been captured; Giles' fantastic, crystal encrusted top, Jean Paul Gaultier's divine leather cape for Hermès, the simultaneously sinister and magical feather ensemble from Undercover and the pretty, jacquard mini skirt with metallic vase detail from Miu Miu, each making great audio variations. A special mention should go to the white, patent PVC trousers with side zips by Richard Nicoll, which made for a great, Iggy-esque moment, and Luella Bartley's torso-hugging, striped latex T-shirt which lived up to rubbery expectation with every snap, crackle and pop. The latter took some talc to get in and out of, as evidenced by the mess we made on the chamber floor.

We are about to spend the last half hour or so of our time at the NPL doing a couple of 'beauty' takes. Anyone for 'The Sound of Lipstick' or 'The Sound of Hair'? What about 'The Sound of Scent'?