by SHOWstudio .

Thigh House

Sarabande Foundation is working with artist Rosa Uddoh to complete the biggest 'thigh tile' house to date: an immersive installation built from casts of black and brown female and non-binary bodies, with the objective to bringing communities together.

The concept of a Thigh House comes from the Cuban myth according to which black women were made to shape tiles on their thighs, which were then interlocked to create roofs for Spanish colonial buildings.

Rosa Uddoh is an MA student of Fine Art at the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art. She was chosen for a Sarabande scholarship by Nick Knight in 2016, after she first presented her work 'thigh house', which, at the time, was a small timber frame of a house with a few roof tiles she had cast from friends.

A Kickstarter campaign has been set up with the objective to allow Uddoh to create a much bigger roof with tiles cast by many, brown and black women and non-binary people that come together in a harmonious community, thus creating space to celebrate bodies at the margins.

The roof made with those tiles will become an installation to be presented at Sarabande in May.


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