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Tonight: SHOWstudio talks at The Commissioners

Tonight SHOWstudio will play host to a live panel discussion at Picturehouse Central as part of the London-based event The Commisioners.

Members of the SHOWstudio team including; Head of Fashion Film, Raquel Coucerio and Nick Knight's first photographic assistant Britt Lloyd will be disussing our role as pioneers of fashion film.

As part of SHOWstudio's continual exploration into moving image the talk will include screenings of fashion films including The Seven Deadly Sins, The Worst Crime is Faking It, Girl and Political Fashion, to address the narrative that this medium can encapsulate.

To address the change in medium since SHOWstudio's inception, we will also be discussing our collaborations with some of the most influential and exciting people within contemporary fashion, as well as our continual drive to investigate every facet of the industry though not only moving image but photgraphy, illustration and the written word.

The panel will happen tonight at 18:30 BST