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Tumblr Take-over: Kylie Jenner's Sheer

On 4 July 2017, Nick Knight shot Kylie Jenner for  newest issue in an editorial entitled Sheer. A modern icon, Jenner is transformed through Knight's lens, her infamous hour-glass-to-the-extreme physique is showcased in blinding light, whilst enveloped in diaphanous garments styled by Anna Trevelyan.

As part of SHOWstudio's dedication to revealing the entire photographic process, the entire day-long shoot was live streamed in collaboration with V Magazine, where you can see Knight at work and the full progression of the shoot. 

For our newest Tumblr take-over, we have created exclusive GIF's taken directly from the live stream footage which depicts the social media mogul in minute motion. 

Over the course of next week, SHOWstudio will be posting exclusive GIF's of Jenner, along with conversations between Knight and Trevelyan sharing their thoughts and references prior to the shoot. Discover full shoot only on our Tumblr