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'Untitled' by Camille Bidault-Waddington

Politics should start at home, and accordingly stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington addresses the issue of Political Fashion with examples from her own career. Bidault-Waddington questions the issue of personal politics, and how working in fashion can affect one’s perceptions of what is and isn’t ‘politically correct’.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    07:47 4 Mar 2008
    .... I totally second that !.... 'politics should start at home' ... but we always have to show how ' charitable, understanding and politically correct ' we are .... as long as it doesn't affect us personally or if possible far... far ... away from home !!! ... and to be' fashionable' is indeed to be 'politically correct ' ...
  2. PennyMartin
    12:44 4 Mar 2008
    Congratulations to Camille for voicing (albeit with the faux disguise) the 'discussion about propriety' between Commissioning Editor and Freelancer that you often hear about in the industry by nobody ever admits to. How i laughed when i opened up the current Paris Vogue and saw the very same story about the chic woman in the wheelchair. Why, exactly, is that not 'correct', as Camille puts it?
  3. Sandrine
    12:48 4 Mar 2008
    What exactly do you mean?
  4. GalileosUniverse
    05:06 5 Mar 2008
    Thank you 4 asking ! .... and .... that's exactly what I mean :):)
  5. Sandrine
    11:08 5 Mar 2008
    Were you being sarcastic? Or in all sincerity, were you arguing that you should be charitable in so far as it doesn't inconvenience you personally?
  6. GalileosUniverse
    11:26 5 Mar 2008
    Sarcastic is nearest to the truth and a way of putting it ... I hope that helps to answer your question.
  7. harley
    22:37 6 Mar 2008
    why should artists be allowed to comment on a whole range of issues without feeling that it is not 'correct' where as people who work in fashion with every bit as much integrity and commitment to their work as any artist should feel this guilt about expressing their opinions and observation about the world around them? There is much more money handed round in contemporary art than in fashion ,the gallery system is just as much a money making machine as is any fashion brand, so just as much part of the capitalist system.
    So don't you be guilted into not expressing your thoughts Camille. Say what you feel !
  8. GalileosUniverse
    07:07 9 Mar 2008
    YES !!! say what you feel ..... and don't mind the high self-appointed priests/priestess of 'political correctness' ! ... who by the way in many cases have only managed to kill or suppress the ' freedom of expression ' by creating sometimes a climate of witch-hunting and often closed the avenues to debate about subjects of urgent need of thinking and serious moral or/and political debate ! ...