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Watch the new series of films in #UNMUTED!

Amid the socio-political turmoil of 2016, #UNMUTED's four films aim to promote community and equality. Featuring Ebonee Davis, Iskra Lawrence, Leopoldine Huyghues DespointesJillian Mercado and Sandflower, the films see each individual in unspoken conversations with New Yorkers on the subway. 

Alexandra Gavillet talked about the motivation behind the arresting #UNMUTED fashion films, in the latest interview with SHOWstudio Editorial Assistant Lara Johnson-Wheeler

'New Yorker's emotions were at an all time high that week, so bringing these strong subjects onto the subway and voicing their vulnerabilities that others can relate to, was needed,' said Gavrillet. 

The series is shot by Wendy Bowman and produced by Natasha Garoosi.

Head over to the project to watch all the films and the interview on SHOWstudio now!