by Penny Martin .

What Damian's Story Tastes Like

Damian Sim of Provocachic

As if our 'smell for the Internet' VIOLENCE project weren't abstruse enough, a viewer challenged me to meet him whilst in Singapore to discuss opening this concept up into taste for the Internet. Damian Sim describes himself as a 'flavour impressionist', which extends to meticulously researching the profiles of individuals and brands and then creating custom-made cocktails for people, city locations and corporate clients such as AMEX: his 'Provocachic' company's strap-line is 'What Would Your Story Taste Like?'. If I were to be glib, he's a kind of Heston Blumenthal-meets-Sissel Tolaas -in-a-glass.

He brought along the component parts of a special creation that interprets the many strands that make up Singapore's unique and surprising culture. And what did it taste like? Well, unique and surprising, of course.


  1. AA+
    10:50 22 Aug 2007
    This is great stuff! uniquely special!!!
  2. sunnylim
    09:00 24 Aug 2007
    i would imagine that it tasted like durian with a little mix of sambal and fried rice.
  3. Provocachic
    19:25 28 Aug 2007
    Actually the special creation mentioned is called the "Pan-Asian Cosmo", and actually uses the torch ginger flower bud as one of its components.
    The whole design process actually entails much more. Discover more at:
  4. sunnylim
    17:26 29 Aug 2007
    thanks for sharing!