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Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017

In preparation for the latest installment in our In Camera series, SHOWstudio visited the most recent exhibition of Turner Prize winning photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans.

Held in the South Tank of the Tate Modern, the curated aesthetic was true to Tillmans' style. Through exploring the possibilities of space, Tillmans provoked an emotional reaction from the viewer; whether that was through varied size of prints in each room or the emmersive sound experience. 

The starting point for the work featured was 2003, often noted as the time when Tillmans' became politically awakened. The political theme continued heavily throughout. It was apparent that this exhibition was to be remembered as a moment in time - 2017 to be exact. He was clear in his political feelings. Having walked around, you got the sense that, for him, doing this exhibition may have been somewhat theraputic. Working through his ideals of the last fourteen years must have allowed some clarity of thought.

Spread through fourteen rooms, the viewer is able to move seamlessly between the old and the new. His work with i-D, his personal documentation of friends and family and even his collaborative work with Frank Ocean sat comfortably next to each other whilst conveying Tillmans' greater message. No matter what you left the exhibition feeling, one thing was for sure, it made you think and reflect; having a voice in these current times is very important. 

Lou Stoppard will interview Wolfgang Tillmans on the 10th April 2017 12:15 GMT, as part of our rolling In Camera interview series. The exhibition continues to run at The Tate Modern until 11 June 2017.