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Show Report: Gareth Pugh S/S 16 Womenswear

by Lucy Norris on 20 September 2015

Lucy Norris reports on the Gareth Pugh S/S 16 womenswear show.

Lucy Norris reports on the Gareth Pugh S/S 16 womenswear show.

Sometimes someone has to come home to make you realise how incredible this city is.

Gareth Pugh literally had stars in his eyes for the history of London’s counter culture nightlife - and the streets of Soho - in pushing forward self-expression and joy. In a time when true individualism was out in force against society, Leigh Bowery and the like went up against any confinements of what a person could and should be.

This collection was about dreams, hopes and the determination to do it your way. Pugh might have been to Paris in search of the trappings of success – but tonight the street wasn’t paved with gold, it was paved with pennies. Big dreams don’t need a lot. They just need a big heart, a big smile and an even bigger imagination. Pugh has all three. His talent shone through tonight, as avant-garde mastermind and as clairvoyant. His theatrical design background saw him pump up the energy, re-injecting life back into the belief systems around what makes London proud to be London. This city has a direct access to the authentic world of punk and counter culture like no other.

Val Garland’s works of art would have done the Blitz club proud, whilst Pugh’s choice of red and white stripes were a candy sweet reminder of the yellow and black police tape Bowery once grabbed from a crime scene - and used to wrap himself in minutes before working the door. Lee McQueen’s spirit was here tonight. Pugh’s shared love for counter culture, with the late designer, cackled in this central London carpark.

Dorothy red sequin showgirl pieces sparkled on a Priscilla Queen of the Desert macro scale, whilst a milky latex trench was like a window to another world. Bowery, originally from Australia, came from the land of Oz to remind us 'that there is no place like home.' Thank you Gareth, for clicking your heels – and making it happen.



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