Cat Power, real name Chan Marshall, is an American singer and songwriter known for her ethereal voice and stirring melodies. Raised in the southern states of America by a travelling musician father and mother, Marshall cut her teeth as a live performer in Atlanta before moving to New York City in 1992. Owing in part to the jazz circles she was moving in while in NYC who chose to flout traditional approaches to songwriting, Marshall's style was marked out early for its emotional rawness and the mood of improvisation that she brought to performances. Her involvement with the city's experimental music scene heavily influenced her first two albums, 'Dear Sir' (1995) and 'Myra Lee' (1996). After signing to Matador records in 1996 and releasing the album, 'What Would the Community Think?' Marshall retreated from the music scene, resolving to end her career as a performer. An epiphanic dream while in South Carolina, however, brought her back to songwriting and in 1998 she released the album 'Moon Pix', a comeback which heralded three more; 'The Covers Record' (2000), 'You Are Free' (2003) and most recently, 'The Greatest' (2006). Marshall has been a spokesperson for Chanel jewellery and is muse of Karl Lagerfeld.

Photo: Stefano Giannini