Connie has always had a fascination and love of original fashion illustration. Her father was an art dealer who collected original fashion illustration long before it became fashionable. Many of the illustrations hung in Connie’s bedroom as a child and she would fall asleep imagining the lives of the women who would wear the gowns depicted in the illustrations. Following a career in broadcasting, she established the art gallery Gray MCA with her husband Ashley Gray. Her love of historical fashion and fashion illustration led her naturally back to her roots and she now specialises in uncovering and showcasing the very best of original fashion illustration from its heyday post war to the 1970s. She is regularly invited to lecture on fashion illustration and the historical importance of these now rare original works. She travels extensively worldwide rediscovering the original works by the masters of the genre to exhibit at the annual ‘Drawing on Style’ exhibitions. During the exhibitions she also gives daily talks exploring the life and works of the artists and their astonishing breadth of work. Her ambition is to re-establish the evocative and endlessly elegant work of the great fashion illustrators as the missing School of Art in the tradition of the finest painters of the mid 20 th Century.



  1. 15 Sep 2016
    Connie Gray features in a project.

    Drawing On Style

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    Connie Gray posts an article.

    Essay: Drawing on Style