Erica Schreiner is a video and performance artist based in New York City. Born in Oregon, Schreiner was educated at the Art Institute in Portland, where she received her bachelor's degree in graphic design.

Schreiner soon started self-publishing and art directing several zines including her own 'Luminous', as well as giving seminars at Portland State University on self-publishing. In January 2009, Schreiner created her own publishing label, Analog Cinema, and a short story book titled 'Hellos & Goodbyes'.

Schreiner moved to New York in August 2009, where she showed in Brooklyn at The First Annual Global Goddess Gala as part of the Castle Braid Artist Complex. She has also showed at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts ArcheTime Film Festival in Manhattan.

In 2010, Schreiner exhibited a collection of her video installations and stills alongside visual artist Sol Kjøk in 'Un-Interrupted' at the Bill Hodges Gallery in New York City. That year her videos were presented in Los Angeles at Downtown Independent as well as part of the Olympia Film Festival in Olympia, Washington. Schreiner had her first solo show at the Bill Hodges Gallery in June 2011 titled 'Dessert & Disorders' - a series of five video-performance pieces in which five different psychological disorders were interpreted.

In 2012, Schreiner attended a summer school taught by Marina Abramovic at MoMA PS1, NYC, during which she was one of 12 students world wide. Schreiner uses a vintage analog VHS video camera to film. She writes, directs, performs, shoots and edits her own work.


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This piece shares the destruction in pleasure that I love about punk.


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    Erica Schreiner features in a project.


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    Erica Schreiner creates a fashion film.

    Erica Schreiner

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    Erica Schreiner features in a project.

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    Erica Schreiner creates a Shop item.

    Fruit Stained Slip


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