Felice Fawn is an artist, freelance model and Internet personality based in England. With a personal and unconventional approach to creative freedom, Fawn - renowned for her dark aesthetic - generated interest on a global scale through her blogging and self-portraits. This has led to her working with a variety of publications and designers, such as SUPERSUPER! Magazine, Drop Dead Clothing, SYN magazine, BOY London, LONG Clothing, Wildfox Couture and more.

Fawn describes her internet alterego as a 'Psyduck mixed with Wednesday Addams', who believes to have been 'raised by a small Diabolist cult within the depths of the Taiga, who regularly trades knowledge of magick [sic] with an unknown extraterrestrial race, in exchange for young blood to secure the future of their next generation'. She continues to pursue a life of art through a variety of forms.