Gavin Turk is a London-based artist who came to prominence with 'Pop' (1993), the waxwork he made of himself as Sid Vicious in the stance of Warhol's Elvis Presley shown in 'Sensation' at the Royal Academy in London in 1997. He has made a number of subsequent works based on his own physical presence mutated into others. His 1991 degree show from the Royal Collage of Art was failed because he presented an English Heritage plaque bearing the inscription "Borough of Kensington Gavin Turk Sculptor Worked Here 1989-1991". Commonly recognised as one Britain's infamous YBAs of the 1990s, Turk has made prints, sculptures and paintings investigating what it means to be an artist, often dealing with issues of authorship and originality. Turk's contribution is likely to be humorous and unpredictable.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 'The Stuff Show', South London Gallery, 1998
  • Centre d'Art Contemporair, Geneva, 2000
  • The New Art Gallery, Warsall, 2002

Selected Publications

  • Turk, Gavin ‘Gavin Turk In The House: A Reader’. Chicken, 2003.
  • Turk, Gavin ‘Copper Jubilee’. New Art Gallery Walsall, 2002.