Heston Blumenthal is a pioneering chef from Michelin-starred British restaurant 'The Fat Duck'. His food is created to replicate the intensity of what he calls 'memory taste', an idea borne out of his belief that there are certain flavours and smells that can evocatively take us to a place or time. He is a practitioner at an innovative point in terms of his medium, having established a completely new way of producing food and a physically original way of engaging with it, coined 'molecular gastronomy'. Blumenthal is interested in food being about much more than just how we see and experience it in all the conventional senses. This ability to break the rules of his medium, and conquer the boundaries of other media has been coined 'gastronomic alchemy', and Blumenthal's restaurant has gone on to be voted one of the top 50 restaurants in the world in 2005. Blumenthal has authored a number of books, most recently a sequal to his 2006 book 'In Search of Perfection: Reinventing Kitchen Classics'.




  1. 24 Dec 2004
    Heston Blumenthal features in a project.