Kylie Minogue is an internationally successful female music artist who has made the difficult transition from 'pop princess' to 'career artist' during her nine-album career. Initially known as one of Australia's most successful teen soap actresses for her portrayal of 'Charlene' in 'Neighbours', she capitalised on this notoriety with the release of her first single 'Locomotion' (a remake of Little Eva's 1960s hit), in 1987. The song became Australia's biggest single of the decade, and brought her to the attention of British producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman, whom she worked with on several very popular singles and albums in the late 1980s, which culminated in the release of 'Kylie's Greatest Hits' album in 1992. A couple of years into this new decade precipitated a change of direction. Minogue joined dance label 'Deconstruction', under which she began writing her own songs, and collaborating with other musicians from many corners of the music industry, including a prominent duet written by and performed with Nick cave, and his band The Bad Seeds. Other collaborators included The Manic Street preachers, Dave Ball and Towa Tei (of Dee-lite), with whom she had a cult underground dance track success. Later Minogue teamed up to release records with the likes of the Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams. Minogue has acted in several films, including Baz Lurmans 'Moulin Rouge', and has been cover of British Vogue twice.



  1. 26 Apr 2004
    Kylie Minogue features in a project.