Leigh Bowery was fashion celebrity, style icon and pioneer of the avant-garde. He moved to London from Australia in 1980 and made a name for himself through his colourful combination of dance, music, performance, fashion and exhibitionism. His reputation for bad taste and outlandish self-preservation revealed a desire to shock and confuse, placing him within London’s 'cult with no name'. Throughout the 80s and early 90s he was a key figure in London’s gay club scene and collaborated with a diversity of artists on various projects, including dancer Michael Clark. In 1988, Bowery put himself on week-long display in Anthony d’Offay’s prestigious Dering Street Gallery. Other noteworthy works include his controversial SMac performance at SM Night at Bar Industria, the 1993 formation of Raw Sewage with Nicola Bowery, Sheila Tequila and Stella Stein, his formation of band Minty with 80s knitwear designer Richard Torry, Nicola Bowery and Matthew Glammore, an appearance in Pepe jeans ad campaign, stage commissions for U2 and his role as subject to a series of nude portraits by Lucien Freud.


  1. 11 Oct 2004
    Leigh Bowery features in a project.