Marian Newman is a manicurist. She has worked with some of the top nail care companies in the world, including being Technical and Training Director at United Beauty Products.

Newman established the Urban Retreat nail bar, and has represented the professional nails industry on a British Industry board. Her collaboration with Photographer Nick Knight has led to her working on campaigns for Dior and Lancôme and shoots for Vogue, in a team with hairdresser Sam McKnight and make-up artist Val Garland.

Newman is one of the few top nail practitioners who contribute regularly to magazines and television. Often called upon by journalists for advice, she has been quoted and referenced in 'The 21st Century Beauty Bible' (2001), 'Unseen Vogue' (2002) and 'How to be Beautiful' (2002). Newman has worked with Kate Moss, Giselle, Kylie, Nicole Kidman, Björk, John Galliano, Liberty Ross and Naomi Campbell.



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