Mark Simpson is a London-based writer whose work tends to provoke strong reactions. In reviews, he has been called everything from 'the gay Anti-Christ' and 'a brainy thug' to 'a male Camille Paglia'. He writes for numerous newspapers including The Independent, The Guardian and The Times and his recent books include The Queen is Dead and Sex Terror. Saint Morrissey, his 'psycho-bio' of England's prodigal pop star, was published in 2006.

Selected Publications

  • 'Saint Morrissey', SAF Publishing, 2006
  • 'Sex Terror: erotic misadventures in pop culture', Harrington Park Press, 2002
  • 'The Queen is Dead: a tale of Jarheads, Eggheads, Serial Killers & Bad Sex', Arcadia Books, 2001
  • 'Anti-Gay', Continuum, 1996
  • 'It's a Queer World: deviant adventures in pop culture', Vintage, 1996
  • 'Male Impersonators', Continuum, 1994