Marketa Uhlirova is Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts London, and Director of Fashion in Film where she oversees all of its programming. She has recently contributed a film installation to Arnhem Mode Biennale (2011, together with Inga Fraser), and is also the editor of Fashion in Film's publications, including If Looks Could Kill: Cinema's Images of Fashion, Crime and Violence (Koenig Books and FFF, 2008) and the forthcoming Birds of Paradise: Costume as Cinematic Spectacle (Koenig Books  and FFF, 2011). She has contributed articles on fashion and art to publications including Louise Clarke's The Measure, Art Monthly and Fashion Theory.


  1. 8 May 2008
    Marketa Uhlirova features in a project.

    Marketa Uhlirova