Image: Kate Garner

Namalee Bolle is Fashion Director of SuperSuper magazine. Her career began in fashion writing when she won the 1999 Jackie Moore Guardian Young Fashion Journalist Award. Whilst contributing pieces to both The Guardian and The Evening Standard she joined Sleazenation in 2000 as a fashion editor and established their fashion department as well as her own styling skills. In 2004 Namalee left Sleazenation to set up the art/fashion space StefansSuperstore in Brixton with her creative partner Steve Slocombe. Keen to pioneer her ‘A,D,D maxi-maximalist’ aesthetic, it culminated in the founding of SuperSuper magazine with Slocombe in 2006.

Namalee also works as a stylist and muse for London based design duo Basso & Brooke and has a burgeoning music career.


  1. 23 Jul 2008
    Namalee Bolle features in a project.

    Political Fashion