Born in Japan in 1977 to an Italian father and a Japanese mother, Nicola Formichetti credits his unique style to his upbringing: internationally eclectic; modern and traditional; Eastern and European. In the past, Nicola has worked as a fashion editor of several fashion magazines such as V Magazine, Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine. When not busy actualizing stories for these publications, he spent time as a consultant for a number of leading fashion brands including Alexander McQueen, Prada, D&G, Missoni, Adidas, Nike, Levis, and MAC. 

Formichetti currently holds the post of Fashion Director of Vogue Hommes Japan, where he oversees each issue's production, features, and styling. As the former stylist of musical artist Lady Gaga, Nicola has created some of the most memorable outfits and moments in recent pop culture history. The nucleus of the 'Haus of Gaga' his influence spanned Gaga's red carpet appearances, album covers, videos and tours. 

Formichetti currently holds creative directorship of Uniqlo, and after a two year stint as creative director of the legendary house of Thierry Mugler, Formichetti is now artistic director of DIESEL. 

Nicola is currently living between New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.




  1. 7 Apr 2014
    Nicola Formichetti features in a project.


  2. 4 Nov 2013
    Nicola Formichetti creates a Shop item.

    #DIESELTRIBUTE Bottle Cap Vest

  3. 4 Nov 2013
    Nicola Formichetti features in a project.


  4. 4 Nov 2013
    Nicola Formichetti creates a Shop item.

    #DIESELTRIBUTE Bottle Cap Hat


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