Sir Norman Rosenthal is a renowned British art curator, most notable for his work at The Royal Academy of Arts in London. From 1977 until 2008, Rosenthal was the exhibition's secretary, where he was responsible for meeting artists, deciding who would exhibit and overseeing the curating process. Rosenthal was also part of the YBA movement, choosing to show many of the related artists alongside collector, Charles Saatchi.

Born in Cambridge, Rosenthal graduated from the University of Leicester with a degree in history. He undertook his postgraduate studies at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies and then the Free University of Berlin. Since leaving the Royal Academy, Rosenthal has worked with Thomas Krens and various other artists in Moscow and New York City.



  1. 18:30 - 19:35 on 27 Feb 2013
    Norman Rosenthal presents a live stream.

    Gareth Pugh: Live panel discussion