Musician Robert Del Naja was born in 1966. As a member of the British group Massive Attack (using the pseudonym '3D') he made some of the most innovative and influential dance music of the last decade, including the seminal 1991 album 'Blue Lines', which is widely credited with revitalizing the British dance music scene of the time. Del Naja also follows a visual art practice, and his work has featured in magazines, on record sleeves, and in exhibitions. It is often informed by a sense of alienation and references his graffiti past. Together with fellow musician Goldie, he took part in the largest ever British graffiti art battle. He has resisted selling his art commercially, preferring to 'donate' his work to friends and collaborators.


  1. 26 Apr 2004
    Robert '3D' Del Naja features in a project.


  2. 9 Feb 2001
    Robert '3D' Del Naja features in a project.