Salvador Breed is a sound designer. Born in 1984 in Hoorn, the Netherlands, he studied music technology at Utrecht School of the Arts. After finishing his MA degree in Sound Design he founded the Sonostruct~ collective in 2007.

Working with a group of other music technologists, Breed researches and develops technology to create and experience sound in new ways. His work includes making and sculpting organic sounds, atmospheres and music for live performances, fashion shows, video art and installations. 

Since 2008 Sonostruct~ has worked in collaboration with composer Paul Oomen and Bloomline Acoustics to pioneer '4D Sound Synthesis', a sound-system that enables a three dimensional sound experience by positioning virtual sound sources above and beneath the listener. 



  1. 8 Mar 2016
    Salvador Breed features in a project.

    Lucid: Iris van Herpen A/W 16

  2. 13 Mar 2013
    Salvador Breed features in a project.