Sissel Tolaas is a Norwegian artist who lives in Berlin. She studied mathematics, chemistry and visual arts in Bergen, Warschau, Poszan, St. Petersburg and Oslo, receiving many national and international scholarships. Since 1990 she has concentrated on the language and communication of smell, focusing particularly on the concept of capturing the essence of a city or a place. In the ‘Talking Cities’ exhibition, (2006) Tolaas worked with the scents of various Berlin districts to create an installation of her urban perfume creations. She is also contributing towards the Liverpool Biennial ‘International 06’ project. Tolaas lectures at various international universities and has exhibited extensively in Europe, America and the Far East. She is on the board of advisors and consults for Daimler Chrysler Future Lab, Nightingale Associates Ltd, London, International Flavour and Fragrance, New York and the European Institute of Oncology.

Selected Exhibitions and Projects

  • ‘Migration: Art & Fashion’, Capital Européenne de la Culture, Luxembourg, 2007 
  • ‘Metropolitanscape’, Turin Palazzo Cavour, Turin, Italy, 2006
  • ‘Talking Cities - The Micropolitics of Urban Space’, Essen, Germany, 2006 
  • ‘Food 4 Stars’, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 2005
  • ‘Scent Systems’, London, UK, 2004
  • Montpellier Dance Festival, in cooperation with Sasha Waltz Dance Company, 2004 

Selected Publications

  • Thomas Florschuetz, Rainer Görss, Gero Gries, Ivonne Jokl, Klaus Killisch, Via Lewandowsky, Bettina Munk, Raffael Rheinsberg, Oliver Schwarz, Norbert Stück, Sissel Tolaas, Georg Zey, 'Berlin Art Scene: A Double Mentality', 1991. 
  • Keaney, Magda, 'The World's Top Photographers Workshops: Fashion & Advertising; Rotovision', October 2007.


  1. 25 Sep 2008
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