100 Women

01 Nov31 Jan 2019

To honour the centenary of women's suffrage, SHOWstudio present 100 Women. Curated by SHOWstudio’s Gallery Manager Bex Cassie, the exhibition is comprised of 100 fashion illustrations that celebrate women.

Historically women have struggled to control the way artists and photographers present them, an issue particularly prevalent in the fashion industry. With this in mind, SHOWstudio invited over 50 fashion illustrators to interpret 100 models who provoke and challenge conventions of femininity.

Models were asked to select an image or look in which they felt most empowered, these looks are featured alongside a quote in which each model explains how the look impacted them. These personal moments demonstrate fashion’s ability to empower, unite and truly celebrate women. We hope that both the artists and their muses will help us to reimagine a woman's world.

Women for Women UK: Charity. Registration No 1115109

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