SHOWcabinet: Daphne Guinness

08 Nov30 Dec 2012
Installation View

Described in equal measure as an artist, writer and muse, the Honourable Daphne Guinness used SHOWstudio's cabinet to present her own contemporary, romantic vision of the world. Using the cabinet as her platform, Guinness pulled together the people and things that inspire her, creating a monochrome world complete with relics, works of art, botanical specimens and innovative designs. 

On the shelves Guinness launched her debut single 'Fatal Flaw'. Released as a limited edition 10-inch vinyl with unseen artwork by Nick Knight and penned by Guinness herself, this considered track affords unparalleled proximity to this elusive icon. Alongside the vinyl sat Guinness' armoured glove, anchoring her cabinet's central themes of beauty, brutality, revolution and romance. Created in collaboration with famed jeweler Shaun Leane, and titled 'Contra Mundum' or 'Against The World', this handcrafted, intricately made objet d’art took five years to complete and is perhaps one of the most technically advanced pieces of artisan jewelry in the world. A rare 17th century copy of Shakespeare’s tragedies was also unearthed next to a collection of Shelley's poetry and a limited edition book of Walton Ford's illustrations. Other items, like a Diptyque Fig candle (her favourite), and the perfume Guinness created in cooperation with perfumer Antoine Lie and in collaboration with the house of Comme des Garçons provided another dimension to the installation. Daphne’s love of the zodiac was also expressed, with an arrangement of Scorpions behind glass – precisely assembled by Guinness to represent her own star sign. Iconic designs created by Gareth Pugh and Norikata Tatehana also appropriately mingled in Guinness’ cabinet, representing the high fashion she has always championed.

Special thanks to Diptyque, Jonkers Rare Books and Proportion London.

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