5 Things You Need To Know About ikon-1

by SHOWstudio on 14 December 2022

Ahead of the mint date on 15 December we've rounded up the five things you need to know before you get your digital hands on an ikon-1 NFT.

Ahead of the mint date on 15 December we've rounded up the five things you need to know before you get your digital hands on an ikon-1 NFT.

Two and half years in the making, Nick Knight and SHOWstudio’s premier NFT collection, ikon-1, is gearing up to launch on 15 December. After months of teasing SHOWstudio’s first foray into the world of Web3, some key points should be common knowledge by now. Like how the boundary-breaking project has brought together a cohort of creatives, including digital native designers and industry insiders like nail artist Marian Newman and hairstylist Eugene Souleiman to create otherworldly couture for Jazzelle's digital avatar. Or how, in an exercise of self-authorship, 8,000 one-of-a-kind artworks styled by Nick Knight and Jazzelle using AI will be unleashed into the world. Still, there's so much more we've yet to reveal as SHOWstudio begins this new virtual chapter with the release of ikon-1. Ahead of tomorrow's mint date, here are the five essential details you need to know about ikon-1.

Saranya Umashankar & Elfe De Cité [ASTRID] clothing, accessorised with Maison Taskin [Smudged Silver] Sunglasses & Eugene Souleiman [Done] Hair, ikon-1

The Allowlist:

With the allowlist now closed anyone who successfully joined will be notified on 13 December. For only the most dedicated of fans, being on the allowlist comes with a few perks. The biggest? A chance to mint an ikon-1 (limited to 3 mints per wallet) at a reduced price of 0.15 ETH before anyone else. The general allowlist sale will go live on 14 December at 20:00 GMT. For those lucky enough to land on the VIP allowlist, they will receive first access to mint an ikon-1 on 14 December at 17:00 GMT.

General Sale:

Did you miss out on registering for the allowlist? You can still secure your very own ikon-1 when the sale opens to the public on 15 December at 17:00 GMT. Whether you use crypto or card, everyone will have the opportunity to mint an ikon-1 for 0.2 ETH.

ikon-1 Pre-reveal

Blind Minting:

With 8,000 unique NFTs making up the ikon-1 collection, it would be difficult to pick just one. That's why we will be using a 'blind minting' or 'delayed reveal' mechanic meaning all ikon-1s will be randomly selected and revealed at a later date. Until then, all ikon-1s will be in an identical pre-reveal state. Don't fret, owners won't have to do a thing with the NFT's updating automatically sometime during the week of 19 December.


When the true state of your ikon-1 is revealed it will comprise of a selection from 200+ traits across the following categories: body type, look (clothing), headpiece, beat (make-up), facewear, jewellery, accessories, nails, Final Form, and Final Form Material. Keep in mind that not all ikon-1s will have all traits and with every trait assigned varying degrees of rarity, some NFTs are more covetable than others. You'll be able to check the rarity of your ikon-1 by viewing it on sites like Opensea.

[Final Form] [Diamond Skin], ikon-1

The ikon-1 Playlist:

If you need some help getting into the minting mood, we've released a playlist curated by ikon-1 muse Jazzelle featuring all the tunes the creative superstar played while working on this revolutionary NFT project. From Aphex Twin to Zebra Katz, this Fashion Mix is ready to soundtrack your first steps into the metaverse.


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