Be The First To Get a Nick Knight ikon-1 NFT Artwork

by SHOWstudio on 2 November 2022

The ikon-1 allowlist is now officially open!

The ikon-1 allowlist is now officially open!

Nick Knight and SHOWstudio present their debut NFT collection ikon-1 starring @uglyworldwide aka Jazzelle. This is the first chapter of a new and unique digital fashion project, powered by Manifold.

Titled ikon-1, 8,000 photorealistic avatars made in collaboration with Jazzelle – the creative polymath, model and Instagram star – will act as a porthole for ikon-1 NFT owners to access a new era of beauty and style in the Metaverse, pushing the boundaries of image-making.

These collectable works of art were realised by a cohort of over 30 innovators and mavericks from global fashion ecosystems working at the forefront of the industry’s future, from digital native fashion designers to world-renowned hair and make-up artists Eugene Souleiman and Marian Newman, personally curated by Knight and Jazzelle. The collection features over 200 unique traits which have been produced to curate 8,000 one-of-a-kind artworks styled by Jazzelle, further allowing them authorship over their image and personal style and, in turn, preparing each avatar for its editorial debut in the metaverse.

Once minted, each ikon-1 will have its own personal homepage with expanded views of your NFTs and the full 3D model of Jazzelle. This page will act as your gateway to SHOWstudio’s future Web3 fashion programming. From online interactive experiences starring Jazzelle to future collaborations with artists and designers, holding an ikon-1 is the only way to secure access to upcoming projects and drops.

For your best chance at minting this limited edition collection of original NFT artworks, head to our PreMint page andjoin our digital fashion community on Discord for your ticket to the new virtual SHOWstudio!



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