BULLETIN: How Gucci Are Meeting Their Environmental Impact Targets

by SHOWstudio on 15 June 2021

Having abandoned seasons and embraced digital fashion shows, the Italian label has surpassed their 2025 reduction target four years ahead of time.

Having abandoned seasons and embraced digital fashion shows, the Italian label has surpassed their 2025 reduction target four years ahead of time.

True to their word, Gucci have followed through on targets to become less damaging to the planet, as they ultimately work towards being carbon neutral. Today, the Italian luxury label released their first 'Impact Report' as part of Gucci Equilibrium - the dedicated platform founded in 2018 for social and environmental sustainability purposes. Over the past year, they've met their reduction target for environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions four years early - not a bad way to mark their centenary as we look towards a future where consumers demand that fashion be kinder to the planet.

'Our inaugural Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report illustrates our actions and commitments to be inclusive, sustainable, responsible and accountable in everything we do. We have surpassed our target to reduce our total footprint four years early, an achievement that underlines our commitment to transformative change. It is our mission to be part of the solution for a better tomorrow and we will continue to build authentic value across our business and in the wider world – value for people, value for climate and value for nature', explained Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s President and CEO, in a statement.

Still from Gucci 'Aria', 2021

From launching Gucci Off The Grid, a sustainable capsule made from recycled materials, to replacing their fashion shows - which come with a hefty carbon footprint - with a live streamed photoshoot and film, Gucci are working towards a brighter future where the global brand has less of a harmful impact both environmentally and socially. The Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report documents how Gucci has improved its practices across both 'People' and 'Planet'. From setting up an initiative during the pandemic to support Italy’s fashion suppliers, launching the Gucci École de l’Amour to teach luxury craftsmanship skills, introducing the Gucci Design Fellowship Programme for young designers, and establishing a Global Equity Board to 'further integrate and reinforce diversity, equity, and inclusion', to reporting 93% renewable energy consumption worldwide, 95% overall traceability of materials and launching a new eco-friendly 'Green Packaging', Gucci have set commendable example for the rest of the industry.


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