Caitlin Price’s New Project '3am Eternal' Keeps it in the Family

by Ella Kent on 30 September 2019

Womenswear designer Caitlin Price has teamed up with her sister, vintage buyer Emily Price, to create a new line from upcycled garments.

Womenswear designer Caitlin Price has teamed up with her sister, vintage buyer Emily Price, to create a new line from upcycled garments.

Caitlin Price, known for her eponymous label which mixes streetwear with couture, will put her talents towards the ever-growing trend of ‘upcycling’ alongside her sister Emily Price - a vintage buyer - in their new project 3am Eternal.

Caitlin and Emily Price’s 3am Eternal will see a curated evening wear capsule consisting of 17 looks ranging from £20-£150 and will feature cycling jerseys mixed with luxurious sequin pencil skirts, designer items from Prada, ESCADA and Sportmax and vintage handmade dresses from the 60s.

3am Eternal, by Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

The practice of ‘upcycling’ where jewelry, bags and clothes are sourced, up-styled and re-designed is becoming increasingly popular during these fraught ecological times and can be seen in the work of many young designers including newly announced Fashion East designer Ancuta Sarca who mixes Nike sneakers with charity shop heels to create one-of-a-kind pieces, and designer Sheryn Akiki whose line of reworked bags began as a question into the production needs of the industry and how to instil new life into objects.

3am Eternal, by Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

For 3am Eternal’s first collection, I spoke to designer Caitlin Price on the impetus behind the project, sibling rivalry and being a creative in a world where over-consumption is the norm.

Where does name 3am Eternal come from? 

3am Eternal is taken from a KLF track of the same name released in 1992. The lyrics say “time is eternal”- we had been thinking a lot about the pace of fashion, about how shows and collections are momentary. We wanted to focus on increasing the life of a garment, to create an eternity for clothing, by focusing our creativity on repurposing what already exists to curate a collection. 

What was the catalyst behind the new project? 

I was feeling uncomfortable about the huge amount of waste even a small company like my own was generating, so decided to combine forces with my sister who was already running a successful and sustainable small vintage clothing business and see what we could come up with together. People are beginning to understand the need for change and are increasingly adapting their attitudes and re-considering their choices when it comes to personal style. 3am offers an exciting alternative, which is also sustainable. 

How is a typical 3am Eternal piece created from start to finish? 

The buying process is exciting; finding real gems in unexpected places. We’re both very instinctive when it comes to selecting and styling pieces, and can often see the potential in the most unlikely garments. Once we’ve got a collection together, we spend a long time piecing together ‘looks’, collaging textures and layering garments, adding drapery. Accessories are really important too - finding just the right bag can add a sculptural element to the overall look. 

3am Eternal, by Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

How has it been working with your sister? Has it been challenging merging your aesthetics? 

The aesthetics are the easy bit for us as we grew up putting outfits together and Emily has worked with me behind the scenes on all of my collections since I was at Saint Martins. Emily has a Fine Art background so our aesthetics compliment each other well. We’re both perfectionists when it comes to our work and don’t give up easily, especially if we think something could be improved - there is always a bit of elbowing going on! For A/W 19, it was a collaging of references that we love – 80s Dynasty meets optic 60s meets acid house. 

Who do you see as the ideal 3am Eternal Customer? 

3am Eternal is for a conscientious modern woman, someone who is confident and wants to be noticed. It’s for those who appreciate colour, pattern, textural combinations and a bit of period detail, and who want to feel confident that what they’re buying and wearing hasn’t contributed to damaging the planet. 

3am Eternal, by Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

How does 3am Eternal fit in with the Caitlin Price mainline brand? 

We see 3am as a sister company to Caitlin Price, for those who love the brand and its aesthetic and who want wearable pieces at a more affordable price point. We feel confident that our business will sit alongside a growing number of others, which not only encourage sustainability but explore the potentials of it creatively. 

What’s the best thing in your personal wardrobe you’ve found second hand? 

A black satin 80’s puff ball mini dress with a boned bodice which I found for £50 in Cornucopia, an incredible vintage shop that used to exist in Victoria. It was covered in white satin Chanel-like roses which I wore to my sixth form ball. 

3am Eternal will launch 1st October and will be available to purchase via an online store and resale app Depop.

3am Eternal, by Amanda Jasnowski Pascual


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