Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Is Making Music

by SHOWstudio on 15 September 2022

Following his A/W 22 Art of Noise collection, the designer and former club kid is collaborating with a slew of artists on his musical debut, Neko.

Following his A/W 22 Art of Noise collection, the designer and former club kid is collaborating with a slew of artists on his musical debut, Neko.

Already inspired by the New Romantics, designer Charles Jeffrey first started his LOVERBOY journey with his titular club nights. A meeting point for London’s cool and kooky, it should come as no surprise that the creative maverick would spread his wings and produce his own music. Today, Jeffrey announced his debut collaborative album, Neko, with a conceptual music video Grey Night & Black Hole. Not entering this musical venture solo, Jeffrey has enlisted the help of multidisciplinary artist Robert Fox in penning lyrics, while former The Horrors member Tom Furse worked on the production. The album is described as a multi-genre soundscape that promises to oscillate from classical to industrial, with no shortage of hypnotic beats to appease those original party-goers of those early club nights.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY

This musical project follows the designer’s A/W 22 collection titled Art of Noise – which is featured prominently in the music video Grey Night & Black Hole. Riffing on the work of rebel cellist Arthur Russell and other influences, the collection is a prime example of Jeffrey’s eclectic references. More than just a marketing ploy, it's the designer’s considered choice of collaborators that highlights the brand’s continued efforts in championing emerging artists. One hoodie from the collection featured heavily in the video is splashed with the artwork from the brand’s artist-in-residence Rory Mullen. Still, it's his sonic talents that are in full display with this debut single featuring visual references from 80s house names including Visage’s very own Steve Strange (after all, didn't they write that Fade To Grey song?). More likely to see Jeffrey at Dalston Superstore than The Standard, we're sure you'll be rocking out to his conceptual tunes at an East London club night soon enough.

Check out the conceptual music video Grey Night & Black Hole below.


Written and Directed by Robert Fox

Cinematographer: Tom Eames 

Hair stylist : Charles Stanley 

Make-up artist: Mari Kuno

Lighting and camera assistant: Emma Jones

Set arrangement and polaroids: Josh Quinton

Video edit:  Robert Fox

Location & special thanks: Haha Sounds Studio & Syd Kemp 

Starring: Tom Furse, Robert Fox, Charles Jeffrey



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