Cybr Collective Launch Their First Digital Fashion Collection with Replicant

by SHOWstudio on 17 June 2021

The future-facing collective called upon the digital design team at Replicant to launch two out of this world digital garments.

The future-facing collective called upon the digital design team at Replicant to launch two out of this world digital garments.

The turn of the 21st century saw our lives changed forever by the internet, with technology that humans wouldn't have thought possible only ten years prior. Fast forward to 2021, and most of our day-to-day activities involve a screen. Office job? You'll need a computer for that. Grocery shopping? Only an click away. Want to play your favourite song? Just call out 'Alexa'. Launched in 2018 by James Joseph to explore how technologies such as AR and 3D printing can heighten our lived experience, the Cybr Collective embraces all things future-facing.

Launching their first digital fashion collection, Cybr have teamed up with the digital fashion platform Replicant on two outfits taken straight out of Cybr Magazine's sci-fi extravaganza OFF-WORLD, which is described as 'an Earth-orbiting residential space station and tourist hotspot'. The 001 jumpsuit ($28) and 002 trench-coat ($30) are made from liquid metal and have edging that emits light, and are adorned with brushed metal hardware - a garment unlikely to ever exist in the 'real world'. Readers existing here on earth can dress photos of themselves in the 3D outfits worn by the crew members of the Cybr space station. Replicant's digital tailors will fit the clothes directly to the buyer's image. 'It’s an easy, fun experience that allows the user to be creative whilst making a more sustainable choice. It’s a high-end designer outfit, without the high cost to you or the planet, says CYBR founder and CEO James Joseph.


Fashion is an industry that's often been called out for lagging behind the times, as resistant to embracing new technologies. If it weren't for Covid scuppering physical fashion events, it's unlikely that the industry's digital revolution would have gathered the pace it has over the past year. While fashion weeks have moved online, so have consumers, who more than ever before are embracing dressing their online selves exclusively for the digital realm, with brands such as Gucci catching on, launching their app for virtual sneakers.

Speaking of the sustainable impact of the digital pieces, Joseph commented:

'For our first foray into the AR digital fashion market, we wanted to align with a platform placing innovation and sustainability at its core. According to the recent Dress X sustainable report, the production of a digital garment emits 97% less CO2 than the production of a physical garment and, on average, saves 3,300 litres of water! With no need for shipping, warehousing, and no real materials used, it drastically reduces the impact of the world's third-largest polluter to near zero.'

CYBR Founder/ CEO James Joseph in the Cybr x Replicant trench.

Always seeking to push the boundaries of fashion communication since our inception in 2000, SHOWstudio offers their unconditional support to any designers or brands who choose to courageously experiment with the digital sphere, meaning if you're a young designer interested in augmented reality, virtual reality, NFTs or cryptocurrencies, we're all ears and eyes! Earlier this month, inspired by the expanding culture of online face filters and digital masks, our founder Nick Knight called upon fashion iconoclast Gareth Wrighton to interpret looks from the runway into different face filters in a fun and whimsical fashion shoot aptly called Face Off. Wrighton and Knight's alternate universe saw the surreal shift to reality, blurring the lines between what was real and what was not, mirroring the ideals that Cybr magazine is also toying with. Whether you find it exciting, daunting and or even downright terrifying, the future is coming.

You can buy the Replicant x Cybr OFF WORLD drop here.

The Cybr x Replicant trench.


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